CARD MAKER let you could make and print custom cards.
CLOUD JUMPER saw Tweety bounding vertically cloud to cloud for as high as you could keep him going.
COLOR SAFARI let you color unique characters and scenes.
FLYING HIGH lets you launch Tweety across the screen and try and keep him bounding from cloud to cloud, using powers and friends to see what distance you can reach in one turn.
MAKE A MATCH was a classic matching card game.
PLUCK A WORM had you trying to grab worms from the apples as they popped out.  They sped up as time progressed.
PICKIN’ TOWER let you catch Tweety’s animal friends to build a tower to get the apples and stay balanced while moving.
TWEETER TOTTER let you play as Tweety and jump from branches onto a teeter totter log, launching your animal friend up to collect points as long as the timer lasted.

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